Get Under the Hood of an Automotive Technology Career

For those of you who are tired of getting your auto fix by continuously customizing and modifying your own car, or gluing yourselves to TV shows like “American Choppers” or “Pimp my Ride”, there are ways to expand — automotive technology could be a lucrative career instead of just a way of letting the day speed by on the couch.Automotive technology schools provide students with the possibility of blending their technical and creative passions together. Your interest in design, form, color, and presentation can be satisfied along with your desire to problem solve, tinker, experiment, and work with ever-evolving technology and science.According to the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, professional automotive technicians can earn $60,000 or more per year with the appropriate training — and with good reason. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pros in the field are in demand, with over 800,000 automotive technicians employed as of 2004. As the number of multi-car families continues to increase, job opportunities for automotive technicians are expected to grow as well.An automotive technician career isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, and as a result automotive technology schools have had to update their curriculum accordingly. With global positioning systems, Internet access, and alternate-fuel systems among the many increasingly common technological advancements found in cars, students at automotive technology schools cannot complete their training without knowledge in these fields. In fact, according to the College Board, more automotive technology schools are now even offering courses in stress management and customer service.Not that automotive technology should be a stressful job — to the contrary, a successful automotive technician is one who is passionate about his or her career. But let’s face it, cars are a big part of the way we live and keeping them on the road is no small task. According to the Center for Automotive Research, by the year 2000, there were about 217 million vehicles on the road in the U.S., traveling 2.5 trillion miles, and consuming 160 billion gallons of gasoline. So sure, the job can get a little stressful at times — which is why an automotive technology career relies on education during crunch time.Once you’ve received your training from an automotive technology school, certification is the only thing standing between you and your career. Voluntary certification by ASE is the standard credential in the automotive industry. Your certification will be in a specialty field of your choice, of which there are eight. These include electrical systems, engine repair, brake systems, suspension and steering, and heating and air-conditioning. Master automobile technicians are certified in all eight areas .

Business Online – How To Attract Online Visitors Like Bees To A Honeypot

Is your online business suffering from a bad social life? Are you hosting and serving lots of visitors regularly, or are you a bit of an online “Billy no mates” with very few friends? A news snippet noted that a staggering 4 out of 10 British businesses have not attracted a single visitor to their websites – ever. Bummer! Why spend all that cash and then not benefit? If that happens to be you, how can you attract online visitors like bees to a honeypot?First of all, if your business online falls into that category – don’t give up! It sucks to receive little or no website traffic at all after your investment. The good thing is that you don’t have to stay stuck as a lonely online wallflower – you can learn how to not only attract online visitors, but also keep them.So, what are some honeypot secrets to attracting online visitors to your business?1) You must take responsibility for your website – not the designer. If you have invested your money and paid a designer to get your webpage up and running, they have done their job already. They have tweaked and played around until you are happy with the set-up and now it’s over to you. You have to take the next step and get the content of your site right for your business online. They are not copywriters, they are designers.2) Make the words do the work. One of the reasons you outsourced web design for your business online in the first place was because you didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do it for yourself. Well, the same is true for the words on your page – you need good copy to attract visitors. Badly written copy turns them away.The difficulty is bridging the gap. Your business online is yours, and only you know what you want to say to the world. Your input is crucial, since designers can only arrange your words on the page, and don’t usually get involved with the copywriting. Everyone knows writing can be hard, so if you can’t do it and don’t want to learn how for yourself, outsource the work to a ghostwriter or copywriter.3) Honeypot secrets to attracting online visitors means telling your customer what’s in it for them. It’s a well-known fact that mankind is a little bit selfish, and whilst you think it’s in their interest to know all the ins and outs of your product or service, the only thing they are truly interested in is how they benefit. So how do you tell them?4) Explain WHY they need it – instead of just bombarding your visitor with hard facts and techno features. For instance, if you have invented smell-free dog food, explain the features of the benefit: your kitchen smells nice with no pongs lingering, it’s nice when the dog jumps on your lap because their breath doesn’t smell, cleaning up after your pet isn’t so bad. etc etc. Learn to link the facts with the benefits.

Tips For Career in Fashion Designing

Do you hate being a bookworm? Are you passionate about clothing trends and styles? Is creativity your best friend? Well, if yes, then fashion designing can be an exciting career option for you. Moreover, your interest in sketching clothes and accessories can become a stepping stone for your path towards a lucrative career in the styling industry.Though just by day dreaming about becoming it wouldn’t help you reach anywhere in the glamor industry. It is a field that requires lots of hard work, commitment and determination. So, if you are considering it to be a cakewalk, you need to rethink over your career choice.Here are some guiding tips that will help you realize your dream of becoming a successful fashion designer.1. Pick your StreamToday garment business is not just about apparel and clothing as its horizons are going widen day by day. If you are sure about making a career in this industry but are confused about which path is right for you, then take a look at some of the key branches mentioned here:• Fashion Designing.
• Accessory Designing.
• Apparel Designing.
• Fashion merchandising.
• Fashion marketing.
• Fashion journalism.Find your interest and follow your passion; the success will surely come your way.2. Enroll in accredited InstituteThe first and most important thing for you is to get yourself enrolled in one of the top Fashion Designing institutions for brushing up and polishing your creative skills. The accredited apparel designing schools will offer you wide range of tutoring about the requirements of the industry. This type of complete professional assistance and practical knowledge will help you prepare yourself for the wonderful career in the world of fashion. It is a perfect platform for gaining exposure into different aspects of styling and designing industry.3. Learn Fashion Principles and Market TrendsThe whole curriculum begins with the fundamental principles of designing and nature of its industry. You will be made well-versed with the description of today’s fashion design markets, past style influences, top designers of all times and style conscious customers.Furthermore, knowledge on latest fashion trends, business tactics and market prepositions are also taught to the students.4. Other relevant learningApart from the above benefits, there is much more to learn when you are entering into the field of fashion designing. A certified course will teach you variety of methods that evolve within the industry and other several topics of relevance. Some of the topics covered are as follows:• inclusive design process
• how to design within budgetary limitations
• use of textile fabrics
• the differences between woven fabrics, knit fabrics, etc
• technical design and
• flat sketching.5. Internship OpportunitySome reputed institutions provide their students potential internship opportunities with reputed companies for building outstanding networks. It is a good platform for keen learners to gain best professional exposure in a well-structured and organized environment.Here we are for presenting the best industry standards, practical experience with hi-tech technology and how to accomplish complex tasks with efficiency. Also you will learn the nuisances of how to land into this glamorous world and how to scale heights in this profession.